2 Looks With The Naked 2 Palette


Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had wonderful weekends! I spent most of my weekend with my aunt and grandmother who both live together. I don’t get to see them a lot since I’m usually away for school and so I decided it would be nice to see them. I was able to create two looks this weekend with my naked 2 palette that I wanted to share with you!

First is a simple neutral look that I absolutely adore for everyday wear. I wore this on Saturday as I spent most of my day with my aunt downtown and wanted something that wasn’t too crazy or glam.

I mainly used foxy (all over my eyelid and up to my brow bone) as well as tease (in my crease) to create this look! I also used half-baked to highlight my inner corner. The only product I used for this that wasn't from the urban decay palette was a transition shade from a drugstore palette. It's basically a very pale pinky/orange colour, so you can substitute that for anything you have in your collection that looks similar. 

This was my full face of makeup from that day. I love to keep my makeup simple and natural for the summer months with some glow to have the appearance of healthy looking skin. (Check my last post to see what I use to get my summer glow!) 

The second look I did was more of a glittery glam look! 

For this look I still used my usual foxy and tease, however I used half-baked on the inner portion of my lid and then I used chopper on the middle. I wish you could see the colour distinction better but hopefully you get the idea! 

How did you spend your weekend? Leave a comment below and let me know! 

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  1. I love the foxy and tease mix. I will get this palette.


    1. Me too! Let me know how you like it :)


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