Coconut Oil Hair Mask


Hi Everyone!

I have very dry and brittle hair that gets extremely worse in the winter. Think thin pieces of straw...but worse. Anyways lately I've turned to using coconut oil masks and I'm absolutely in love with it!

I apply the coconut oil on unwashed wet hair, tie it in a bun, and keep it overnight. In the morning I wash it out and let my hair air dry and it's super soft!! Just wanted to share this little all natural tip with you and to let you know that I've tried it and it works! Have you ever used it?

- Jessiré

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  1. This sounds great, definitely going to try it on my hair!
    P.s. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award so if you'd like to take part go over to my blog ( to check it out x

    1. Thank you that's very sweet!! I'll definitely check it out :)


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