My Summer Beauty Favourites


Hello Everyone!

This summer I really found myself reaching for the same products which are now empty. I figured if I loved them so much, I might as well make a post about it sharing these products with you all!

First is my 310 Cali #2 bronzer tanning lotion. I’m very fair and don’t normally tan, or when I do I come out looking like a giant lobster, and so I wanted to try finding a product that would help with that. I went to my local tanning salon and they sold me this tanning lotion and I absolutely love it! I used it before tanning outside and I have to say this is the first summer that I’ve barely burned and actually got colour. People keep complimenting me on my tan which has never happened to me before believe it or not. Definitely something I’m going to repurchase!

Since I had a tan, I didn’t really put on a lot of foundation as I just don’t have any to match my current skin colour and I prefer a more natural beauty look in the summertime. However, this did not stop me from wanting to get my glow on! I’m definitely a dewy skin lover and to get my glow I’d pop on some L’oreal True Match Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminator on a beauty blender and go to town on my cheekbones!

The next product I wanted to talk about is Maybelline’s Fit Me Set + Smooth powder. I tend to get a bit oily around my T zone in the summer with all of the sunscreen and moisturizer I apply, and so I needed something to tame my nose oil. This powder was amazing! I even use this when my skin is super dry and it doesn’t cling to my dry patches and make my skin feel even tighter.

Lastly, I pretty much used a Wet n Wild blush that I no longer have the name for, but you can refer to the swatch above to see the colour. It adds such a soft pinky glow that looks so natural and beautiful for the summer! It also has flicks of sparkles in it to add a little more glow to your skin.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite summer beauty products are!

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