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Hello Everyone!

As you may or may not know, I have a slight obsession with TV shows and have seen TONS of series so I thought I would start doing some reviews for you all! I’m always looking for TV show reviews to help me decide what to watch next, so hopefully this will help you! Netflix came out with Stranger Things on July 15th and let me tell you, I’ve heard tons of people ranting and raving about this show. I just had to watch it and review it for you all.

The show takes place in the 80s and centers around Will Byers, a missing child in the town of Hawkins. Will’s friends and family are distraught at his disappearance and do everything they can in an attempt to find him. At the same time a strange girl is found in the forest; a girl with many of her own supernatural powers. Thunder crackling. Lights flickering. This show is the definition of creepy, and I loved every second of it!

It’s eerie and dark and edgy and a must watch! To be honest I thought it would be a little lame with the supernatural component, however it was done really well and wasn’t overbearing. I’m tired of the whole vampire/werewolf thing and this was a breath of fresh sci-fi air. For all of you romance lovers out there, don’t fear, there’s a wonderful love triangle-ish thing that will keep your heart content.

The acting is incredible considering half of the main characters are preteens. When I was that age I couldn’t even fake sick to my mom to let me stay home from school, let alone pretend to be a girl with telekinesis powers that was raised in a laboratory. I think Winona Ryder’s acting truly took the cake with her performance as Joyce Byers, Will’s mom. I have never really seen any of her other work, but have a whole new respect for her after watching her heart wrenching performance as a distraught mother.

Overall I’m giving this show a well-deserved 4.5/5. I can guarantee that when season 2 comes out I’ll be binge-watching it like it’s going out of style.

Have you seen this show? Leave a comment in the comments section below telling me what you think about Stranger Things!

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