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Hello Everyone!

As I mentioned in a previous post I recently traveled to Atlanta, and I thought I should do a post about my travel purse essentials! The key is getting the right sized bag with the right amount of pockets. I've made the mistake (believe it or not more than once) of bringing a tiny crossbody purse which made it difficult to carry anything but my wallet. It was horribly tight and anytime I went to grab something out of it, everything else in my tiny bag would come flying out. I've picked up tampons in front of strangers one too many times and I've decided to graduate to a larger bag. I still recommend purchasing a crossbody style purse as your travel bag as its so easy to carry and leaves your arms open for more important things, like carrying a travel book or a croissant- whatever floats your boat.

Now let's get inside my bag!

Disclaimer: None of these items actually end up inside of my bag, not to worry though, they're still loved dearly
  • First, my wallet and passport are a must and need to fit comfortably in my bag. Also, I won't be able to leave the country without either of these and so if they're forgotten I should really reassess my ability to travel unsupervised 
  • Purel/ santizing hand wipes- these bad boys come in handy all of the time! When I'm travelling I'm generally out for majority of the day and find myself touching tons of door handles/ railings/ bathrooms, and I absolutely need to sanitize my hands right after 
  • Hair ties- Unless you're hair is gorgeously voluminous and wonderful from morning until night without any touch ups, I recommend bringing along some hair ties. There's nothing worse than looking in the mirror and seeing the frizz mop on my head, and not having a hair tie to tame that sucker with
  • Water- I can't stress how important it is to be hydrated while on vacation! It's very easy to lose track of the day and forget to drink water which can lead to a heaping amount of problems, such as headaches and dizziness. Unless you paid hundreds to thousands of dollars to stare at your hotel room walls, I suggest you drink the water 
  • Powder and powder puff- this may seem silly, but since I'm out for such long periods of time while on vacation, I like to keep some powder and a powder puff/brush in my purse so that I can quickly freshen up my face. Although I have dry skin, I tend to be more oily when I'm in hot/humid places, and so the powder is a must unless I plan on frying an egg on my face as one of my travel activities. 
  • Tissues- this also may seem silly but believe me, when you find yourself walking down the streets of New York with your street meat in hand (or street veggie meat for all of my vegetarian/vegan followers out there) and you watch as some ketchup releases itself from your hotdog bun and onto your shirt, and all you have left is the greased up napkin you've already used to wipe your mouth, you'll reach into your bag and find your tissues and you'll think of this moment and thank me
That's all I can think of for now! If anyone has anything else to add please feel free to do so in the comments and I'll add it to the list! Wishing you all happiness and save travels! 


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