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Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to pop in for a life chat with you all. Today's topic is friendships and how not to be a crappy friend, such as myself. My life gets super busy sometimes and it's so easy for me to forget about my friends and focus on my school or the boyfriend. This past year has probably been the busiest as I'm in third year university and these grades are very important for graduate schools. I'm all for being focused on my future career and sometimes that means putting myself first, but I think I did too much of that this year. I really neglected some of the people who care loads for me and realizing that has left me feeling kind of shitty.

Considering I've semi-abandoned some of my friends, the true ones still stuck around and I was still able to pick up the pieces. At first I had no idea how I was going to make it up to any of them until I realized that an apology can really go a long away. Step 1 is to acknowledge you were a crappy friend and to validate their feelings, which I did. Step 2 is to spend time with said friend , even if it means sacrificing something to show them that you care. I'm currently working on this step. Unfortunately this is as far as I've gotten in this Friendship Rebuild Program and so I'll have to update you on future steps.

I read this quote once that basically said that there's a difference between people who have time for you when it's convenient, and people who make time for you. I definitely want to work on making more time for the people that matter.

It's never too late to save a friendship. If there's someone you want to have in your life it's up to you to make sure they remain there.


P.S If step 1 doesn't initially work, attempt it again, but this time with the addition of a doughnut. If that doesn't work I'm afraid there's nothing you can do.

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