Lazy Days...Or Weeks


Hello Everyone!

I've been super lazy since the end of my exams in April and I haven't been able to get out of this lazy funk. I did get a chance to go to the Pearl Jam concert in Toronto on Tuesday and I have to say it was the best concert of my life! For those who don't know, Pearl Jam happens to be one of my absolute favourite bands and I've never been able to see them live until now! They're so talented and sound just as incredible live as they do on their album.

Quick tip for you concert goers, it's much cheaper to wait until 15 minutes after the concert has started and buy scalper tickets outside of the venue. Tickets are instantly 50% off and it's wonderful!

I'm still obsessed with my outfit from that night and here are some photos:

I also wanted to show you my eye makeup! I wish I had a better camera to use because this photo does not do it justice. I used the naked 2 palette to create this look. 

Hope you're all being more productive than I am! 


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