Amazing Makeup Remover Wipes


Hello Everyone!

I've been searching high and low for a wipe that can remove my makeup without irritating my skin and/or stinging my eyes and I've finally found the perfect product! It's the Garnier Clean+ Soothing Remover Cleansing Towelettes which are designed to remove makeup (including water proof) and calm the skin. I've had these for a little while and have used them multiple times with no stinging/irritation. My roommate has also used them and they haven't irritated her either, and we both have sensitive skin.
I do find that they can feel a little filmy after using them but nothing major and so if I'm super lazy (which I am) I'll use them and go to sleep right away. Usually if I find wipes to be super filmy I'll lightly wash my face after, but I don't have to do that with these bad boys! 

I got them for about $8 (Canadian) and there's 25 towelettes in a package. I know Neutrogena have a ton that are slightly cheaper (by a dollar) but they've always seemed to irritate my eyes. To be honest, I really only use makeup wipes when I've had a late night out and so a pack of 25 for me will last quite a while. If I have an everyday makeup look on I'll only use one, but if I have a full face of makeup (including a dark eyeshadow look) I'll generally use two. 

If any of you give them a try let me know and tell me what you think! 


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