Animal Obsession


Hello Everyone!

First things first, my exams are finally over and my summer vacation has officially begun! I'll have tons more time for my blog and I'm so happy about that!

Today I wanted to talk about my latest jewellery obsessions! My current favourite combo is my Sterling Snake ring from Pandora paired with my Elephant bracelet from Divinty LA.

The ring was more expensive ($90) but worth every penny! The entire front side is covered in little jewels to keep the snake sparking and makes it look more realistic (like actual snake skin). I've had it since November of 2015 and it's still shining and sparkling like the first day I got it. The picture does not do it justice.

The bracelet was cheaper (about $15 US I believe) and I'm fairly impressed with the quality. The company provides meanings for the beads that are used which is very whimsical and I love it! The elephant charm is fading a bit but nothing too major. Plus, when you purchase their products a portion of the money goes to a particular charity (depending on the bracelet you buy).

Hope you all love these as much as I do! 

Happy Summer,


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