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I've lately been loving the L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Original mascara and I wanted to review it for you! I have super long lashes but not very many of them so I'm always looking for mascara that can give me a bit of volume. This mascara not only does that, but also lengthens my lashes a bit further making them look like false lashes! My only issue is that a lot of product comes off in a few swipes and can get clumpy, so to fix this I use either the Voluminous Million Excess or Physicans Formula Organic Wear mascara to remove any clumps and help me get the look I'm going for. Other than that I absolutely love the colour as it really gets your lashes black! I've had this product before an left it in search of something else, only to always return back to it. Sometimes you just have to stick with the classics as they're the best.

Here's a photo of each product mentioned:

The wand of the voluminous original is a straight wand which at first I didn't mind, but now I feel as though I should get something with a curvy wand to help with the curl in my lashes. I don't want to say it's a downfall of the product as I've never tried a curvy wand to see if it helps with curling lashes, however my next purchase will definitely be something with a curvy wand and I'll review that for you all too. 

P.S. If you're not into super black lashes and want something very subtle, the organic wear is definitely something to get! It puts very little product on your lashes to give it a very natural look when used on it's own. 


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