Are You Pretty?


Hey Everyone!

This is going to be a bit of a cheesy and emotional post but I just feel the need to write about it. Lately I've been feeling really down on myself self-esteem wise and I don't  exactly know why. I'd say I'm 90% confident but there's always that 10% that creeps up on me sometimes and I struggle with it every now and then. I think it's hard to see what the ideal look of beauty is these days and to know that you don't fit that exact mold, and that can be quite hard to deal with. I also know that looks aren't everything, but I'm only human and realistically it's hard to comfort yourself with just "my personality is great" sometimes. Whenever this happens though I like to remind myself of a quote I read somewhere that basically went something like "I look at other girls and think 'wow she's pretty I wish I looked like that' but then I think 'I'm not pretty like her but I'm pretty like me' and that's okay." I'm 100% paraphrasing and I don't know the source but it definitely stuck with me.

I'm pretty like me. I think we fail to realize that there isn't one type of beauty or one look that is the most loved. I mean, there's no doubt that Angelina Jolie is beautiful and also that Jennifer Aniston is beautiful, and those are two very different looking women, but both are beautiful. I mean Mila Kunis doesn't look like Gigi Hadid, but they're both beautiful! I think you get the point.

I just want to let everyone know that you're pretty like you and nobody will have the same uniqueness that you have.

Okay the cheesiness is over and it's  back to fun and food and happy things!

Lots of love,

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