Forever 21 Shopping Trip


Hello Lovelies!
I recently went to Forever 21 and picked up a couple of cute pieces that I wanted to show you! I have a friend's birthday coming up this Saturday and so I decided I needed a couple of new pieces (at least that's how I'm justifying these purchases to make myself feel better). I love Forever 21 most of the time since they have great items for pretty cheap! 

The first thing my eyes landed on was this beautiful white crop top. I feel that it's more of a summery shirt, however, I'm so in love with it I might just have to pull it out this weekend. It was a little more expensive than what I usually buy but the material is so thick that I feel the quality was worth the price. (Price: $29.90 Canadian)

Next is a more simple black and white striped crop top. It I plan on pairing this with black high waisted skinny jeans and little black booties. (Price: $19.90 Canadian)


Finally I just wanted to mention their undershirts since you can pick up these beauties for $3.00 Canadian! I am a cardigan fiend and I wear white undershirts underneath almost every day. I also have a habit of spilling my food on myself and so every time I head over to Forever 21 I pick up 2-5 of these shirts. No joke. These undershirts are my life.


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